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Remote Monitoring

Is your cardiac device being remotely monitored?

HeartCare Partners operate the largest, most experienced remote monitoring clinic in Australia.

Use our professional, dedicated team to provide you with the exceptional cardiac device care you deserve.

Remote Monitoring has the ability to check cardiac devices automatically every day to ensure optimal cardiac device performance and patient care.

Major scientific clinical trials have shown that Remote Monitoring provides:

  • The standard of care for cardiac device patients
  • Increase in patient survival
  • Reduced patient morbidity
  • Faster notification of critical device information
  • Faster notification of patient clinical information
  • Greater patient convenience

HeartCare Partners is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive, insightful and responsive Remote Monitoring service in the world.

Be proactive about your health and device care.

For additional information please contact HeartCare Partners

Phone: (07) 3858 8690

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.