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About the Syncope Clinic

Fainting – also referred to as ‘black out’ or ‘syncope’ is very common, affecting up to 40% the population at some point in their lives.1

Syncope is a syndrome in which loss of consciousness is:

  • relatively sudden onset
  • short duration
  • spontaneous complete recovery
  • temporary (usually <1-2 min)

It is most often due to a fall in arterial blood pressure and therefore inadequte blood reaching the brain.2

Some causes of unexplained fainting are harmless, but others may be serious. Abnormal heart rhythms are among the most serious causes of fainting and need to be detected.

It is important that patients see the appropriate specialist and receive necessary tests quickly to screen for potentially dangerous conditions such as a cardiac arrhythmia.

Heart Care Partners have developed specific processes and dedicated services to ensure that people who experience syncope receive assessment, advice and treatment that is appropriate for each individual with priority. This holistic and comprehensive approach aims to improve the overall patient experience.

Led by renowned arrhythmia specialist Dr Stephen Pavia, the aim of the Syncope clinic team is to establish the cause of syncope with sufficient certainty to:

  • Assess prognosis
    1. risk of death and life-threatening events; and
    2. risk of recurrence of syncope and physical injury
  • Initiate effective preventive treatment

1. Kenny, RA., et al.  Futura;2003:23-27.

2. Moya A et al. Guidelines for the diagnosis and management of syncope (version 2009); The Task Force for the Diagnosis and Management of Syncope of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC); European Heart Journal (2009) 30, 2631–2671

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