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Syncope Clinic

Do you have a patient that suffers from unexplained...

  • Falls?
  • Seizures?
  • Faints?
  • Blackouts?

Syncope Facts

  • 40% of the population will have at least one syncopal event 1
  • Approximately half of patients admitted for syncope leave the hospital without a diagnosis 2
  • In reaching a diagnosis patients see 3 different specialists, undergo 13 different tests and 1/3 have associated trauma 3
  • Cardiac syncope is common and doubles the risk of death, and is associated with a 6 month mortality rate of greater than 10% 4

It is crucial that the red flags for life threatening conditions are recognised and managed quickly.

Information Video

View the information video presented by renowned arrhythmia specialist Dr Stephen Pavia who runs the HeartCare Partners Syncope Clinic at the Wesley Hospital in Brisbane.

The HeartCare Partners Syncope Clinic can help you reach the correct diagnosis for your patients following unexplained loss of consciousness or falls rapidly.

The HeartCare Partners Syncope Clinic concentrates expertise in the knowledge and treatment of syncope. The service is provided by a team of Cardiologists from HeartCare Partners and is based at the Wesley Hospital. Collaboration with other specialists involved in the care of syncope patients allows the team to provide a multidisciplinary approach to the assessment of your patient.

The centre also utilises the latest in patient remote monitoring technology to ensure a fast and accurate diagnosis is made for your patient.

HeartCare Partners have a dedicated hotline number that gives referrers access to our cardiologists at any time for assistance with urgent cases and advice.

For further information, please contact HeartCare Partners.

Ph: (07) 3858 8600

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